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          Argentina Exchange Program

          Trinity has an exchange each year with Colegio Santa Ethnea, a co-ed college preparatory secondary school sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas in Bella Vista, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Trinity students host Argentinians in February and travel to Argentina for the month of June. We share this program each year with students from Assumption and Mercy. Goals of the program are as follows:

          • Expand their knowledge and experience of Catholic schools
          • Further their knowledge of Spanish
          • Get to know the Church’s mission in different places
          • Get to know different cultures
          • Learn to adjust to a new lifestyle and culture while also learning to be a caring and hospitable host

          For additional information contact:
          Jorge Serrano

          Jorge Serrano

          Phone: 502.736.8245
          Email: serrano@trinityrocks.com

          International Travel News

          Trinity Students Travel to Ireland

          Trinity Students Travel to Ireland

          Kinsale Community is a co-ed school, roughly the size of Trinity with Catholic roots and a strong commitment to STEM education. Several Kinsale students stayed with Trinity families last April then invited us for a visit. The faculty is strong and dedicated, the...


          The Last Tuesday Message in July

          The Last Tuesday Message in July

          The Last Tuesday Message in July Dr. Rob Mullen As we said when they started, our special pandemic-related Tuesday messages will cease as July ends. We will keep posting school news on our web site. Keep track of the latest on trinityrocks.com under the NEWS button....

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