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          A lifetime of greatness starts with a Trinity education. At Trinity, greatness is part of the culture. But it’s not something that’s created overnight. The unique experience that 一切 student has at Trinity helps shape him, and make him great, over the course of his entire education.



          At Trinity, every student is randomly assigned to one of our 10 Houses, placing students into smaller communities to increase opportunities for student leadership and adult mentoring. 房屋系统 becomes part of 一切 student’s education




          In 2012, Trinity completed a four-year study on the effects of classroom scheduling on academic performance. This led to the adoption of an innovative and highly effective system of class scheduling that mirrors what students will see in college

          • Rather than attending the same classes in the same order for 45 minutes each day, Trinity spreads classes over the entire week
          • 学生每天少类,但每个班花更多的时间


          • 与教师更多的互动
          • 更多的讨论时间
          • 更多的时间来吸收并移动到下一个课前过程研究


          • 为学生准备大学学习过程
          • 让学生有更多的时间与课堂技术交流
          • 让学生有更多的时间把他们想要的选修课程
          • 提供了更多的时间上课,可以使他们在大学里取得更大的成功,他们的事业和生活
          • 提供了更先进的安置类
          • 增加了更多的ACT备考班
          • 使新生的成功,可缓解过渡到高中和大学高级班顶峰

          Block scheduling is a demanding way to learn, made even more so by Trinity’s requirement of 30 credits to graduate, which is more than any other high school in Kentucky. The results speak for themselves.


          Trinity lays a foundation for a lifetime of greatness. But the foundation for years of greatness at Trinity is forged during each student’s first year. Our systematic approach to the first year of studies ensures that freshman year is as productive, informative and meaningful as possible.

          The 18-month transition process begins when each young man takes the Trinity 分班测验;水平测试 and continues through the end of the freshman year. As part of the experience, 一切 student will have access to:

          • 夏天充实节目
          • 个性化的关注
          • 从教师和在校学生的学术指导
          • 教师导师
          • 单对一门课程安置会议
          • 介绍会
          • 大一摇滚,团队建设活动的一个重要日子
          • 通过社交媒体和电子邮件连接到188bet
          • 我们独特的大一学术活动召开

          Before the first day of classes begins, 一切 student feels like part of the family. He has the confidence and support to reach his fullest potential


          Trinity is big on technology. You’ll see it across our campus and in the way our students learn. Being familiar with advanced technology not only helps the learning process, it prepares students to succeed in a more connected and tech-savvy world once they start their careers.


          • “BYOD”,让学生 自带设备 学习他们喜欢的方法,使用移动设备,使他们更容易接受学习
          • 校园范围的网络,鼓励师生沟通,并提供学习工具的访问
          • rockspace,188bet的在线课堂环境
          • 云存储,让学生共享文件,项目和资源
          • 丰富的多媒体技术与当前一代的电脑每间教室
          • 免费高速为每一个学生的无线接入,不管他是在校园还是在家里
          • Office 365 apps, providing students with free access to online versions of the most recent Microsoft Office applications
          • TTV,该地区最专业的学生跑电视生产设施


          At Trinity, greatness is part of our campus, our classes and 一切 student’s experience. But it’s a journey, not a destination. Greatness is a goal we never stop pursuing. And the results we produce continue to be a great source of pride for our current students and alumni.

          • 在该地区任何高中最多元化的学生团体,有长处和短处范围最广
          • 近类的2019的每一个成员正在参加大专
          • The Class of 2019 earned a school record $44 million in scholarship offers and gained acceptance at nearly 150 colleges and universities across the nation
          • 在过去的五年中70级188bet的学生已经被国家优秀企业的认可
          • 最后在校生 一切 Level of Difficulty saw ACT gains HIGHER THAN THE NATIONAL AVERAGE from the time they were first tested as freshman to their junior year
          • 我们的学生花了超过640个AP考试在2018-18学年这是第二个最在学校历史 
          • 类2019年期间,他们在188bet的时间进行超过27,000小时的社区服务
          • 学生收取超过$ 10万捐款,并通过他们的服务支持超过100个社区机构



          As a student in the 内部系统, a young man will experience a sense of belonging, acceptance and brotherhood that will shape his character and help form him into a man of greatness. He will also receive a world-class education designed to bring out his strengths and intellect. But there is another aspect of a Trinity education that is just as important. Because greatness is about more than academic prowess.

          As a Catholic high school, Trinity also takes great pride in helping each student develop a deep sense of faith and living to a higher standard. As a constant part of the campus experience, the Catholic culture found at Trinity forms a foundation for the development of responsible, compassionate and benevolent men with strong moral values.

          Trinity High School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally available to students. Trinity does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, or disability (if with reasonable accommodation the student can meet the requirements of Trinity’s course of study) in the administration of its educational policies, scholarship or loan programs, athletic or other school-administered programs.







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