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          1953 Society

          Gifts of $1,250 or more are considered leadership gifts. Donors who give at that level each year become members of the 1953 Society, which recognizes them for that level of generosity.

          The 1953 Society is named after the year in which Trinity was founded.

          During Trinity’s Pride Week, our 1953 Society donors are recognized at the 1953 Society Dinner. This dinner also recognizes the creators of scholarships and the students who are recipients of those scholarships.

          For more information on ways your generosity can benefit Trinity High School, contact:

          Trinity High School Foundation

          Email: ths.foundation@trinityrocks.com
          Phone: 502.736.2156

          Trinity News

          The Last Tuesday Message in July

          The Last Tuesday Message in July

          The Last Tuesday Message in July Dr. Rob Mullen As we said when they started, our special pandemic-related Tuesday messages will cease as July ends. We will keep posting school news on our web site. Keep track of the latest on trinityrocks.com under the NEWS button....

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